At The Case Bowen Company, we take the health and safety of our communities, board members, staff, and associates very seriously. In order to limit the spread of COVID-19, we have temporarily limited access to our office. The staff at Case Bowen will be conducting business remotely. Below are some of the temporary changes being made in order to maintain operations while adhering to the Governor's orders.
For Homeowners:
  •  Community association managers will be working from home. It is strongly encouraged to use email as the main form of communication. Managers will be checking email regularly throughout the day in addition to voicemail. If you need to speak to a manager on the phone, please leave them a voicemail and they will return your call with 24 hours. Please visit the "About Us" page to find staff phone extensions. 
  •  Please make use of the Caliber portal. It is a secure, web-based software that documents financial information and maintenance records. If you need assistance logging into your account, click here to complete a contact form and someone will reach out to assist.
  •  Please make all payments electronically or through USPS. In order to reduce the contact made between homeowners and our staff, if you must make an in-person payment, please do so using our dropbox on the front of the building, to the left of the front doors. Your cashed check will act as your receipt. 
For Vendors:
  •  Managers are continuing to approve invoices and checks are cut regularly. Please allow all checks to be mailed out as opposed to in-person pickup. 
  •  We ask that communication is limited to email and phone conversations for the time being. 
For Board Members:
  •  Managers are not currently attending any in-person meetings. Please consider having any necessary meetings with your manager via GoToMeetings or Google Hangout. 
The Case Bowen Company is working to keep everyone safe and healthy during this time. We value our partnerships with your communities and companies and will keep evolving with these unique circumstances as they unfold.