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Violation Letters The importance of follow through - a three step process

Compliance situations begin at the on-set of a community “walk-through” or a “complaint form” from a neighbor. From that moment policies and procedures are followed to:
a) To inform the unit owner of the violation.
b) To obtain a resolution to the violation.

The number of days to resolve the issue, the fine amount and the definition of the “rule violation” are all obtained from the Handbook, Decs & By-Laws and/or acccording to ORC 5311.

Our Standard procedure consists of a 3 Step Process once a violation is brought to the board’s attention:
1) Notice To Cure / Friendly Warning Letter – with an enforcement assessment amount stated and number of days to resolve the issue.
2) Intent to Impose an Enforcement Assessment Letter with a Formal Hearing Request Form – with an enforcement assessment amount stated and number of days to resolve the issue.
3) Final Notice – with an enforcement assessment amount stated.

The consistency of policies and procedures and the use of a software system that tracks the violations by dates and levels, brings ease of mind to boards and association attorney’s alike. In addition the report functions that can be supplied to the Board of Directors' are valuable time savers for current situations, follow-up’s and future violations. Our system can sort by many different functions and dates once the data is entered. Our system also becomes more powerful, the more data you enter.

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